Made in France

Natural cowhides are all unique, their colour and marking vary.

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Olivia Vachette Bianco

Une chaise gainée d'un cuir français 100% naturel: hypoallergenique, colorants naturels, aucun traitement en surface.

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Olivia Green


    L'absence de traitement du cuir rend le cuir plus fragile et les éventuels défauts plus visibles


    If you want contrasting stitching or embroidered initials, please contact us.

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    Data sheet

    Height : 88
    Seat width : 44
    Seat depth : 40
    Seat height : 48
    Availability : 30j
    Type of chair legs : Leather legs
    Type of chair back : Low chair back
    Types of armrest : Without armrests
    Partnership : 1


    If you want contrasting stitching or embroidered initials, please contact us.

    +33 3 89 57 50 28


    To keep the product looking its best, we suggest you care for it using the following instructions:

    • Please take care not to scuff or rub the product against abrasive surfaces.
    • We suggest protecting the product against damp and keeping it away from direct sources of heat such as radiators.
    • Please avoid any prolonged contact with materials that could potentially transfer colour onto leather, particularly if it is a light-coloured leather.
    • All items, and particularly those in pale or “electric” shades, must be kept away from the following products: grease, hand cream, antiseptic hand gels, make up and perfume.
    • If the leather gets dirty or there are superficial stains on it, we suggest wiping it lightly with a soft, light-coloured cloth. Never use soap or any kind of stain remover.
    • When you are not using it, we suggest storing the product in the protective sleeve provided away from high temperatures, excessive damp or areas without adequate ventilation.

    If you have any questions about the product, please get in touch with our customer services department.

    Olivia Green, a model from the collection Executive

    This range of chairs definitely has its own character: a unique design and elegant, subtle shades of exclusive calfskin leather.

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